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 Corporate Policy

 ・ We deliver products that are satisfied by our customers.

 ・ We aim at higher quality, and makes better products to contribute to the
   progress of our society.

 ・ We observe relevant labor safety and environmental laws that are applied
   to production of our products.

 ・ We implement prevention of accidents and reduction of environmental
   loads based on the results of the risk assessment as well as legal compliance.

 ・ We improve our management system on a continuous basis, and aim at
   continuous improvement of quality performance index and labor safety
   and envitonment performance index.
                          Representative director  Masayuki Ito

Updated information
 Jan.16,2009 Updated the standard of a general spring.(JISB2704 2709:2000)
 Aug.6,2009 Training for in emergency
 Jun.16,2010 The content of independent training was updated.
 Jul.1,2010 Company policy, the quality target, the environmental target were revised.
 Aug. 30, 2010 Additional installation of a Grinder(AG-12N).
 Sep.25,2010 Fire drill with the cooperation of Nagaizumi fire station.
 Dec.1,2011 Installed a lateral load testing machine.
 Jun.27,2012 Installed a Coiling machine(CFX-5)
 Feb.19,2013 Made Web pages of the Calculating formula of general springs.
 Feb.2014 Started operation in Tailand
 Dec.24,2014 Installed a Coiling machine(iCF-26)